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Q-talk 69 - May/Jun 1998 - index

MAY/JUN 1998



by Tom Moore

In the last newsletter I mentioned the dire straits that the newsletter is in. I can say right now that things haven't changed. I was hoping for a mass influx of articles to save the day and keep things afloat for another year. That hasn't happened, but I'm not giving up hope. I know it takes time to put an article together, to take some pictures, get them developed, have your wife check your spelling and so on. So I'm going to wait until the end of October to make a final reality check about the status of the newsletter for 1999.

I know that after all these years it seems difficult to find a topic that has not been written about. Most topics have been covered, but not all areas have. Everything hasn't been said on the topics that have been covered. There is just too much information out there that would be useful and interesting to the group. So much has changed over the years that an article written ten years ago may still contain good, useful information, but there's room for improvement. There is room to add new material, new procedures and new products that support the original articles.

One of the biggest problems I see is not having a newsletter index that is current and informative. I have made a request to the guys on the E-mail list to help redo and update the current index. I have asked that anyone interested in helping take one year of newsletters and develop an index using a format I will provide them. I'm hoping to have the index finished in the next few months. It will probably be too big to include in the newsletter, so I'll let you know what the options will be. If you're interested in helping update the index, drop me a line and I'll send you back the required info. This is something that will help YOU and the rest of the group. It's a WIN/WIN deal.

I sometimes wonder if it's worth the effort to keep the newsletter going. And I keep coming back to the same answer - YES! It took me twelve years to complete my plane. I went through a lot of ups and downs during that time. But every time I received a newsletter in the mail I got pumped up. I don't think I would have finished my plane if the newsletter had not been there. It was such a boost to hear about the other guys flying their planes; I just had to get mine finished. It just took me some time to figure out that I had to work on it to get it done. I knew how important the newsletter has been to me and that is why I offered to take the newsletter over. I wanted to have a chance to give back what the newsletter had done for me. I know that there are active builders out there still working on their planes. The amount of first flights that we have had lately is a good indication that people are still at it.

What's going to happen if the newsletter goes away? The options are limited. The next best thing we have going for us is the Q-LIST. The list is an E-mail service that allows a person to communicate with other builders and flyers. A builder with E-mail service simply sends their message to the mailing list. This has turned out to be a great tool for getting information on individual problems and getting info spread around about upcoming events. And what if you don't have a computer? The prices on an older PC are dropping like crazy. You only need a very basic PC to get on the "FREE" E-mail service called Juno. I have written about this service in a couple of previous issues. And what if you don't want to buy a computer? Well, I hope that there is enough interest in keeping the newsletter going that the articles will be coming in.




Oshkosh starts on Wednesday, July 29th and goes until Tuesday, August 4th.



At this time there is a Dragonfly/QBA Forum tentatively scheduled for 7:00 on Thursday. I don't have any times for the back porch meetings at the Homebuilders Headquarters. You will need to check the schedules when you arrive to verify time for both sites.

Also check around where the Q-planes are parked. I will post a flyer of any last minute updates on my plane and on several of the other planes.



Friday, July 31st

The banquet is scheduled for Friday night, July 31st, at the downtown Hilton. There will be a cash bar just like it was last year. The cash bar should open up around 6:30-7:00 p.m. and dinner will be around 8:00 p.m. There is usually a good group that starts hanging around when the doors open, so get there early to get the whole story. The tickets for the banquet are $15.00. You will need to sign-up and prepay by noon Friday. The sign-up will be at the Great Plains aircraft booth in Bldg. "C" (Northwest corner), which is one of the vendors buildings.



This is still a big attraction to everyone that attends. I still get a lot of requests for the cowlings off session. We would like to have everyone take their cowlings off for a couple hours on Friday morning. I would like to get this started at around 9:00 a.m. Friday and close 'em up at around 11:00 a.m. This will give everyone a chance to hang around each plane, talk to the builder and take all the pictures they can stand.


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