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Q-talk 67 - Jan/Feb 1998 - index

JAN/FEB 1998



by Tom Moore

As I mentioned in the last editorial, 1997 was a good year. One of the things that ranked at the top of my list was the PERFORMANCE EVALUATION that Jon Finley put together at Ottawa. When Jon started planning this he wasn't sure how many people would be interested in participating. He was hoping to get at least four or five entries. When fifteen planes signed up, Jon saw he wasn't the only one interested in seeing how the planes performed. You saw the results from the evaluation in Issue #65. There was some good information in all of those numbers. What were the differences in those planes? That's what Jon wanted to know. What makes Bob Malechek's plane average 188 mph from a standing start? (I wonder what his top speed was ???) What makes one plane faster than another?

I don't think that everyone plans on making their plane as fast as possible, but they do want to make improvements in performance. This doesn't mean that they want to race, they just want better performance. But what performance is to one guy is something else to another. This is where the PERFORMANCE EVALUATION comes in handy. If someone is interested in improving their performance (unless they are Bob Malechek) they have several planes to investigate and ask questions about.

I'm sure there will be another PERFORMANCE EVALUATION next year so it will be interesting to see what changes take place. I know there are several guys who wanted to take part in this event so I expect there will be a larger turnout next year. I'm already looking forward to it.

I've heard from one more builder that has had a first flight in 1997. Gene Bowen flew his TRI-Q2 (N666GB) on July 31, 1997. I've got a first flight report from Gene that I'll get in one of the following newsletters.

There is going to be a QBA HOT DOG COOKOUT at Sun 'N Fun. I've asked Dave and Susie Richardson to host this. They have graciously invited everyone over to their campsite for a good meal of hot dogs, chips and drinks. There will be a minimum charge for the hot dogs or sodas to cover the expenses. This will be another chance to get-together and talk Q's. At this time plan for Monday evening at around 6 p.m. If tradition holds there will be a forum Sunday morning and I'll confirm the time and have directions to hand out.

You'll notice that I have added a builders roster to this issue. The purpose of the QBA and this newsletter is to support the building of Quickie type aircraft. One of the most helpful things that the QBA can do is help you get connected with other builders. The addition of the builders' roster is now going to be a regular part of the first issue of each year. I hope that each of you will contact another builder or two in your area and introduce yourself. Also, if you're traveling around on business or pleasure, take your roster with you and see if you can contact another builder and visit their project.

Remember, DON'T BUILD IN A VACUUM, you'll be flying sooner.



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