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Q-talk 64 - Jul/Aug 1997 - index

JUL/AUG 1997



by Tom Moore

When Oshkosh rolls around each year I find myself looking forward to seeing all of the planes and getting out of Dallas and away from the heat. Well when I got to Oshkosh there were plenty of planes there and the weather, well it didn't get cool, but it was a heck of a lot better than this Dallas oven.

The first thing I noticed this year was I couldn't find our planes. Our normal spot near the west ramp was taken over by a hoard of RV's. They had planned on having over three hundred show up and so they bumped the Q's and all of the Long-Ezes from their normal parking area. So we were scattered from one end of the flight line to the other. Some of the guys tried to move around, but what looked like an empty spot to us was sacred ground to the parking crew.

With the planes all scattered around it made it difficult to organize a mass COWLINGS OFF session that was scheduled for Thursday morning. We were only able to get three of the planes to undress, but you got a good show from those three. Of the three that participated, Bruce Crain had a newly certified bird that had just flown off its required time prior to the show, with only 63 hours total time when he arrived. Bruce was showing off his ducted cooling that surrounded his engine along with an ELECTRO AIR electronic ignition. A couple of the regulars, Sam Hoskins and Larry Koutz are still willing to help the other builders by taking off their cowlings again for the umpteenth time. Just like normal, the people and cameras came out of nowhere.

Jack Blackwell's 75 hp Revmaster Q2 out of California had only been out of the state once before this trip to the cheesehead state. John's trip was a little exciting when he had the engine quit on downwind at one of his fuel stops. He made it on the ground OK and found some water in the manifold. He wasn't sure if it was from the tank or carburetor ice. He had had to park outside during a rainstorm previously and thought he may have gotten the water there. He drained the tanks and made sure there wasn't any water left. John mentioned meeting a Q200 on his way to Oshkosh at a stop in Gallop, New Mexico that was also coming from California. I was sure that had to be Dick Shapley, but he was nowhere around.

Michael Moore flew in from Spokane, Washington in his Q200. Paul Fisher, another regular, flew in with his son in his Q200. George Bell came over from Ontario, Canada with his yellow Tri-Q2. Phil Yokum had his nice baby blue Tri-Q2. Dave Hudak flew in a Q2 that he shares with John Shryock out of Kalispell, Montana. Jon Finley's VW powered Q1 was the only single seater that made it in. This was Jon's first time to fly in and he will remember it for a long time to come. Jon landed behind a B-17 that was taking off ahead of him. After touching down he encountered the big bombers wake turbulence. With no input from Jon the light Q1 was lifted off the runway and began a roller coaster ride Jon seriously thought would be his last. I talked to several people who came by the parked Q's who had witnessed this and they all say Jon is very lucky to be with us. Jon added power and was able to fly out of the turbulence. Jon does admit that it was an error to land behind the big plane. I hope everyone will take this as a reminder to be cautious of wake turbulence behind any size plane!

On Thursday night the Quickie/Dragonfly group got together for a forum. There was good group of regulars and quite a few new faces appeared in the crowd. Dick Shapley showed up with another landing experience to tell about. Dick ran into trouble when he unknowingly landed with a flat tire. He was landing at Tahlequah municipal airport southeast of Tulsa when the problem became apparent. Dick was unhurt, but during the rollout and subsequent ground loop the canard was damaged beyond repair. Dick has already found a set of carbon spars, thanks to Larry Koutz, and had made plans to rent a truck and haul his plane back to California.

On Friday we held our regular banquet at the downtown Hilton with the Dragonfly guys. This year we also shared it with the KR builders. They were celebrating their 25th year at Oshkosh and had lost their dining spot when Butch's Anchor Inn closed. Saturday morning found us on the back porch of the Homebuilder Headquarters with about 15 builders and a couple of the gals. There was a lot of good technical info passed around to take back and apply to our own birds.

Well Ottawa is just a few weeks away. As always this is where we have our best turnout. Anyone looking to mix it up with plenty of Q1, Q2, Q200 and Tri Q folks, you will find them at Ottawa. I hope to see you there!


Bell CAN C-GTHH TQ-200 O200 720 400
Blackwell CA 142JB Q-2 REV 550 550
Crain OK 96BJ Q-200 O200 704 63
Finley MN 54JF Q-1 VW 385 400
Fisher IL 17PF Q-200 O200 727 620
Hoskins IL 202SH Q-200 O200 700 840
Hudak ? ? ? ? ? ?
Shryock MT 12QJ Q-2 REV 590 300
Koutz GA 39LK Q-200 O200 ??? 300
Moore WA 18FS Q-200 O200 630 260
Yokum IA 585SY TQ-200 O200 ??? 500+




The following message was taken off the Quickie E-mail list. For those of you that had a chance to know Howard Hardy I thought you would like to know about this.

As most of you know, late last month a very noteworthy Q-Bird guru passed away. I have organized a fund to put Howard Hardy's name on the Memorial Wall at Oshkosh. Many of you have already sent me your donations and for that I thank you each from the bottom of my heart.

I am still a little short of funds and would like to send the order forms in as soon as possible. Would each of you who committed to donate and have yet to find the proverbial "round-to-it" please locate said circular object as soon as possible.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity, I would like to extend a warm welcome to participate. I set the target donation at $20, but any amount would be truly appreciated. If you so desire, you can prepare a check made out to the "EAA Aviation Foundation" and send it to me at 998 Pleasant View St., Castle Rock, CO 80104. I will be submitting the application to EAA at the end of August.

Thanks to all,

Terry Sickler

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