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Q-talk 153 - May/Jun 2012 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
May/Jun 2012
Issue 153


Hey Member,
Well summer is in full swing so there shouldn’t be any excuses for you NOT flying or building for the next few months. Here’s a shot of Charles Kuhlman and Harold Dirks taking off in their co-owned Q2 just to get your juices flowing:



Submissions continue to trickle in, so I’ll need your continued support in order to keep this newsletter coming to your inbox. If Jim Masal can figure his computer out. . . well you get the point.


Many of you wrote to me that you didn’t have anything to contribute to the group in the form of articles of interest. Most of those e-mails also contained a P.S. that said something like “still sanding” or “Still troubleshooting my carburetor issues.”


Well there are many of us that wish they were at a point where they had something to sand or a carburetor to troubleshoot. So don’t be shy, just shoot me a quick e-mail with a couple of pictures and a sentence or two about what you’re currently working on.


It could be just the shot in the arm that many of us need to hear. Remember, we ALL have something to contribute. I can’t do this without your input! (Or maybe I should say, I won’t do this without your input!) So keep those letters rolling in.


I appreciate the photos and text from all of this issues contributors, and they will all receive a 3 month extension to their QBA membership for free. You could be next!


Hope to see you at a fly-in soon! Happy Independence Day to those of you on the left side of the Atlantic!


Remember, "Together we build better planes" (and newsletters.)


Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

        • Charles Kuhlman and Harold Dirks
        • Sanjay Dhall
        • Kevin Boddicker
        • Jon Swenson
        • Martin Skiby


Sanjay's Phases of Flight Testing


Sanjay made a terrific post on the Q-list about the phases of flight testing an aircraft of your own creation. It covered everything from the first-flight jitters through the first 40 hours. I reformatted it on the QBA website for posterity.


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Things That Piss Jim Off!


Our fearless founder finally got into the website and read some of the back issues of Q-talk in the online archive. Some of what he saw didn't make him very happy.


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2012 Spring Fling


Kevin Boddicker hosted the 2012 Spring Fling Tandem Wing Fly-in, and provided this very rain soaked report.


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Kuhlman/Dirks Q2


Charles Kuhlman sent in this update on the Q2 that he co-owns with Harold Dirks. Apparently, the Revmaster leaves a little to be desired in the realm of anti-pucker power with a pilot and a very small passenger onboard.


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Martin Skiby's Rebuild


Martin Skiby built a Q-200 back in 1985, sold it in 1996, and recently recovered the aftermath from a hungry hanger door. He's making good progress on a rebuild.


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Jon Swenson's Tri-Qvair


Jon Swenson is making steady progress on his Tri-Q with a corvair conversion as the powerplant. He sent in some pictures and a quick description of what he's been up to.


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Odds and Ends


Things that are obvious to you, a Supersonic Biplane, Big Muddy race results, the Q-crash Excel Spreadsheet, and the death of Q-tube?


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2012 QBA Events


I updated the QBA events page with all of the known Tandem Wing Fly-ins. Please send me the info, if you intend to host an event, or know of a good one in your area!


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Q-200 LS1 Carbon Fiber Spars


Richard Kaczmarek from Fast Little Airplanes is producing Carbon Fiber Spars again for the Q-200. He is using the same layup schedule and mandrel dimesions that Peter Harris used several years ago.


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Tri-Q Landing Gear and Axles


In the QBA store you can also order Main and Nose gear for the Tri-Q. The nose gear comes with the axle and wheel fork. Check them out:


Tri-Q Nose Gear
Tri-Q Main Gear



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