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Q-talk 153 - Update From Jon Swenson

by Jon Swenson

I will try to put something down this weekend on the current state of the corvair installation. There are a couple of unique wrinkles that I alluded to in the PowerPoint I sent you that I could flesh out a little more. Perhaps I can discuss my fuel and engine electrical system which is now exposed because the engine is off. The fuel pumps coils and coil switcher are located in the recessed box in the firewall.

I have been working steadily along on my project; However as I am sure you can attest to, it seems to be mired in molasses. this winter I spent a lot of time sanding, filling and priming the fuselage. What can you write about sanding and filling that isn't known? Perhaps a lite article trying to find the positive zen features of endless sanding as a form of meditation?

Last fall I worked on the flying surfaces, torque tubes and bearings. Recently I replaced the PVC main fuel filler tube with an aluminum one and redesigned and fabricated new levers for my canopy closer. in the last two weeks I have disassembled my corvair engine and swapped out the crankshaft for an ion-nitrate hardened one. It is reassembled and I am now waiting for the fifth bearing install kit so I can install the front bearing. When that is done it should be warm enough for me to paint. I am using the Stewart water bourne system so I can do this in my home shop. If you are interested in any of these projects as a potential short article I will try to write up something.

Because I am using the Corvair engine I assume that a lot of the work I am doing is not relevant to the normal list and I would be directed to send it to the experimental list, (which I don't follow).

[Editor's Note: The rules that apply on the Q-list, don't always apply to the QBA site or in the newsletter. I have no control over the Yahoo! sites, and I'm not even a moderator there. I think some of the limits there have been put in place just to keep people civil. (And sometimes that actually works!) LOL!

So, and this applies to EVERYONE, please don't censore yourself. Consider just sending us an update on your project. Even if it means your "just sanding filler." Some of us haven't gotten there yet, and would like to know that someone (read ANYONE) has gotten beyond the mollasses that we are currently stuck in!]

The web site looks great thanks for your hard work.

Jon Swenson
Tri-Qvair (Under Re-construction)