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Non-Fatal Q-200 Landing Accident in New Zealand

Q-200 FWF Before the accident

Here is a link to another Q200 accident in N.Z. for those that have not seen it yet.



Other than hitting an obstacle, the only way to do this is to bounce about, usually more than once and usually on landing.

The simple way to prevent that is to bleed all airspeed and extra energy off BEFORE touching down simply by flying low but level with the surface after a gentle flare and making sure your engine (and not your head) is at idle. Physics especially gravity will then take over and a single gentle ground contact be made.

The only thing to be aware of then is running out of runway before stopping, but as you should now be treating every landing as a go around until it most definitely isn't, there is no risk of that happening to you is there? If there is just advance the throttle smoothly and not too quickly to take the engine back out of idle, go round and try again.

Being in good practice at this could save your bacon if the engine ever quit requiring a forced putdown off field so there are two great reasons to be doing it!

Gary McKirdy
UK Flight and Tech Counselor

Q-200 FWF After the Landing Accident