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Q-talk 149 - Sep/Oct 2011 - index


Q-talk Newsletter
Sep/Oct 2011
Issue 149

Hey Member,
It has been a very busy couple of months for us here in the Quickie Builders Association. The sad news that Jerry Brinkerhuff died while test flying his Q-200 was certainly a blow to all of us. However, my expectation is that a LOT of good will come about because of it.

Mike Evans has helped me compile NTSB data so that we can create a searchable accident database that contains ONLY tandem wing aircraft.

In addition, Paul A. Fisher and Sam Hoskins have contributed articles to the community to help with pre-purchase and annual inspections, and tips for getting ready for first flight. In addition several more high time flyers have offered to write articles, and volunteer their time as "Q Advisors" to help us newbies as we construct and test fly our planes. All of this information is now located on the SAFETY TAB of the QBA website. Please check it out, and refer others too it.

On a brighter note,Sam Hoskins took FIRST PLACE in the SPRINT class of the Tennessee Valley AirRace, with a race speed of nearly 211 mph! Awesome! In addition, we've had a couple of successful first flights, by Mick Davies in the U.K. and Reg Clarke from Canada. You can read and see more about their experiences later in this issue.

In addition Sanjay Dhall has completed several more flights in his creation and he is almost half way through his 40 hours on the leash. Please keep at it Sanjay, and keep the reports coming.

I also wanted to personally thank Jim Patillo for contributing article materials for the website. This issue includes a KITPLANES article about his beautiful Q-200 call "Las Vegas Quickie." Thanks Jim.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this edition of Q-talk which is once again full of user submissions! As always, I appreciate your continued support, and look forward to working with you as we grow and expand together!

Remember, "Together we build better planes" (and newsletters.)

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

  • Jim Masal
  • Kevin Boddicker
  • Reg Clarke
  • Mick Davies
  • Sanjay Dhall
  • Sam Hoskins
  • Mike Evans
  • Chris Rayner
  • Jim Patillo
  • Paul A. Fisher
  • William Shoemaker


We all need to put SAFETY FIRST. We're still looking for SAFETY related submissions from experienced Q fliers. I will post them on the new publicly available SAFETY TAB at the top of the QBA website. Sam Hoskins and Paul A. Fisher have done their part. Now it's time for YOU to chip in.

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Field of Dreams Fly-in 2011

Sam Hoskins Hosted agreat event, The Cozy Girrrls gave a great presentation, and Jim Masal did agreat write-up about it!

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U.K. - LAA Rally 2011

Chris Rayner flew hisbeautiful Q-200 taildragger to the LAA Rally all the way on the other side ofthe pond. He provides a thorough update the state of Q aviationintheU.K.

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Mick Davies - First Flight!

Mick Davies had a successfulfirst flight in his Tri-Q200. He then proceeded to write a full report, sendme some pictures, and upload a video of the blessed event on Q-tube!

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Xpresso is Back in the Air

Reg Clarke took back to the air over Western Canada in his beautiful Subaru powered Q-200 dubbed Xpresso. He proceeded cautiously after all of the mods he made, but was very happy to see how well she flies!

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Sanjay's Contiuing Adventures

Sanjay Dhall is still out there burning off the hours, and gaining valuable experience in his new airplane. Check out his latest flight reports.

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Kevin Learns to Speak Again

Kevin Boddicker hadn'ttalked to a control tower in 35 years. He was struck with panick when he learnedthat the Field of Dreams would be hosted at a controlled field this year! Wasit the nightmare he envisioned?

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How Do You Say Q-200 in Mandarine?

I received an interestinge-mail about some work being done in China to create a "mono-wheeled" Q-200.I think the man heading up the project is former QBA member Lanny Wang.

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Extreme Mods

Sure you can double the fuel capacity, and install a split rudder. The question is WHY would you want to? . . . and perhaps more importantly will it fly? William Shoemaker shows us some of the changes he's made to his project.

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Runway 27L - Jerry Brinkerhuff

We were all shocked and saddened to learn that our friend Jerry Brinkerhuff died while flight testing his Q-200. You will be sorely missed buddy!

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Sam Hoskins won anotherair race! LJ French makes the local news. Richard Kaczmarek is trying to geta waiver to provide flight lessons in Q's. Reg Clarke is willing to make FuselageCovers.

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The guys at Fast Little AirPlaneS have more hardware in the store, including Engine Mounts and Bushings. We've also teamed up with Eureka CNC to provide CNC cut foam cores for the Q-200. More to come, so stay tuned!

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