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Q-talk 148 - Sled to Aircraft Engine

by Rich Gillen

[Editor's Note: As some of you may know, member Rich Gillen has been interested in converting a snowmobile engine into something that looks a little more like a Rotax aircraft engine. He sent me the following information.]

I recently found The Crank Shop which is a sled race shop that makes CAST single plug 582/583/61/618/670 heads. I have talked them into making it with a dual angled plugs like the 582UL head. They quoted me $425 for a single dual plug head, which is about half what Rotax charges $780.

They also make CAST 2 & 3 cylinder blocks, as of right now, NON Provision 8. I'm in the process of writing them and sending them the Provision 8 CAD data to see if they may add that to their blocks. The 2 cylinder block is about $1600, where as Rotax's UL blocks are about $2500.

I also found a company, called HOTRODS, that make rods, and cranks close to me. I plan to go visit them soon.

RK Tech bought out Union Bay 3-4 years ago who made a lot of nice Billet Racing sled parts. For some reason they didn't get the CAD/CAM data for Union Bays Billet 670 head. They told me for a one time design fee of $400, they would make a Billet 670 dual angle plug head for $425.

I'm buying a couple of NOS Union Bay Billet Rotary side covers for $40 each from RK TECH. Non oil injection. The Crank Shop also makes Billet Rotary side covers.

Here is a Union Bay 670 with their Billet single plug head.

Also, they made this all Billet Race Engine.