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Q-talk 147 - May/Jun 2011 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
May/Jun 2011
Issue 147

Hey Member,
It's officially summer (on the northern half of the Earth) so there is a LOT of Q activity going on. This includes fly-ins, air races, building, and flying.

In the coming months I want to work a little harder to ensure that all of those activities are going smoothly and safely for all of us. One area that we can make improvements in is the hand off of our planes to less experienced flyers.

As you may have heard, we had THREE successful FIRST take-offs since the last newsletter. Unfortunately, we only had ONE successful FIRST landing. You can read more about how I propose we fix that ratio later in this issue.

I have been very impressed by the number of builders that have really "lit a fire under it" over the last couple of months! Check out Reg Clarke's plane:

Reg has been patiently taxi testing in preparation for sign off, and flight testing. We look forward to hearing more about his progress. (He says the new tailwheel not only looks great, but responds great as well!)

Last but certainly not least, let me once again congratulate Sanjay Dhall on a very successful FIRST FLIGHT. Sanjay is our new poster child for doing things right! He has proceeded carefully, yet very steadily, and it has been amazing to see his progress over the last year or so. He has worked out several bugs with the help of the community and is continuing his record of professional advancement as he begins his flight test regimine. Good luck Sanjay, keep up the great work!

As you work on or fly you rown project I hope you'll consider documenting the major milestones as Sanjay has. You can upload videos to Q-tube, upload pictures to Quicker, and add yourself to the Project Map.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this edition of Q-talk which is once again full of user submissions! As always, I appreciate your continued support, and look forward to working with you as we grow and expand together!

Remember, "Together we build better planes" (and newsletters.)

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

  • Reg Clarke
  • Sanjay Dhall
  • Rick Hole
  • Lance Hooley
  • Sam Hoskins
  • Rob Judd
  • Jerry Marstall
  • Kevin Sheely
  • Martin Skiby
  • Paul Spackman

TOP STORY - Sanjay Takes Flight!

Sanjay Dhall put down his tools and took to the skies this month. Watch his FIRST flight, and read his first THREE flight reports!

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Big Muddy Air Race Results

Sam not only hosted the event, he broke a personal record at over 210 mph!

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Keeping Your Cowling

Jerry Marstall takes us inside his shop to show us how to make beautiful (and strong) cowling screw holes.

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3 Up - 1 Down Safely

This month, we had 3 First Flights. Unfortunately, only one of those returned to Earth safely. Maybe there are some lessons we could take and share from this?

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Under Active Construction

Several of you have been very actively building! Here's a few updates from garages and hangers around the world.

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The guys at Fast Little AirPlaneS have made some progress towards bringing the Q kits and hardware back. Check out what they're offering!

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Containing the Costs

Rob Judd has done a lot of research about what it would take to build a Quickie in Australia. Here's what he's found out.

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Odds and Ends

Here are some "Words of Wisdom" and several points of interest from around the internet, submitted from the Peanut Gallery. Not necessarily Q related, but informative anyway!

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Upcoming Events

The Green Flight Challenge
July 11-17, 2011
Santa Rosa, CA

2011 Airventure
July 25-31, 2011
Oshkosh, WI

10th Annual West Coast Tandem-Wing Fly-in
Aug 26-28, 2011
Livermore, CA

21st Annual "Field of Dreams" Fly-in
September 9-11, 2011
Marion, IL

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