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Q-talk 146 - Odds and Ends

by Dan Yager

Upcoming Events

2011 Tandem-Wing "Spring Fling" Fly-in - May 13-15, 2011 - Hosted by Kevin Boddicker
2011 Canards WestFly-in - May 17-29, 2011 - Hosted by Don Denhard
Big Muddy Air Race - June 4th, 2011 – Hosted by Sam Hoskins

To see other upcoming Quickie Events visit the QBAEvents Page!

Jon Finley's Q Sold

Jon Finley’s Subaru powered Q2 recently sold to Greg Gomez from New Jersey. Let’s support Greg as he begins taxi testing and prepares for first flight. You can also check out Greg’s taxi videos on Q-tube.

Bringing the Quickie back!

I know some of you are skeptical (since many people have made similar claims) but two gentlemen are planning to make parts and kits available again for our beloved Quickies! They plan to start out by making the nose gears for the Tri-Q with molds and tooling provided by Scott Swing.

They have also set-up a survey to get your feedback before moving forward:


Charles Wilhite has been involved in composite repair and fabrication for 25 years, and aviation composite design and construction for 20 years. This experience comes from working on Lancair, Glasair, Glastar and many canard projects from VeriEz to Berkut. His work has won an outstanding workmanship award at Oshkosh. Two of his design projects were tested in the real world with an in-flight door loss which tested a ring bulkhead door surround he designed for a composite fuselage. Also, an engine out off-field landing of an RV-9 tested a hybrid composite roll bar he designed. His familiarity with all aspects of composite design fabrication is extensive. Personal goals include building a slightly revised Quickie.

Richard Kaczmarek works as a Level II NDT technician, holds certificates as an ASE Master Truck Technician, and as an Emergency Vehicle Technician. He grew up in the world of aviation within a family of pilots. He has scratch built multiple aircraft starting with a Rag Wing Parasol, KR1, Cavalier, and Smith Mini Plane. He owns multiple Q airframes including a Q1. He is currently restoring N4437W a Tri-Q originally built by Fred Wemmering.

Charles and Richard have daily obligations but Richard is happy to talk with folks. Please send an email with a phone number. mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The average expected cost is $19,000 for a full kit with molded wings and $11,500 for a molded fuselage and foam cores for the builder to make their own wings.

Q-Tube, Quicker, and the Member Map

Between newsletters I have been working to add functionality to the QBA Website. Over the last two months I launched three major pieces of software. Please check them out!

You can now:

Upload videos to Q-tube
Upload pictures to Quicker
Put yourself on the Member Map!