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Q-talk 105 - Magneto Failure

Last week when I tried to fire up the Q-200, it wouldn't start on the mag (I have 1 Bendix mag and 1 Electroair electronic ignition) so I used the electronic. It started way worse than normal. Once running, I checked the mag by turning off the electronic and all was well. I was able to give an ultralight friend a beach ride. He likes the open air in his face and didn't take to the high G turning and climbs too well. Hey, this thing is no ultralight!

Today when I attempted to fly, it was the same deal. It did not want to start on the mag. It started ok on the electronic, but when I tried to run on only the mag, it was dead.

No flying for me. Monday I'll take it apart and see what failed.

I just wanted to report on a mag failure mode in case it happens to you guys.

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