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Q-talk 105 - Throttle Cable Thoughts

On my first flight, after replacing the crankshaft on my Type IV VW, my throttle cable pulled out onto my lap on very short final. I later figured out what had happened and here's the "rest of the story"...

The throttle cable had the part # of A-800 still on it. I looked that item up in the AJC Spruce book and noticed that the cable had a threaded end on it. That jogged my memory that I had cut that end off as it would not work in my application. What was left was a twisted cable that I simply held in place with the lock screw. When I ordered my new cable, I chose the A-820 which did not have the threaded end on it, since I would have to cut off anyway. The A-820 also comes with a solid wire inside. Then it hit me! Never try to keep a twisted cable in place with a set-screw! It just mashes between the twisted cables and will give way eventually! I was using the wrong cable for my application. Don't you do this!

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