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Tri-Q Landing Gear

In this section you will ultimately join the main gear tothe fuselage and to the wheels/brakes/axles.


Completely sand the S-glass molded gear with 36 to 40 gritsandpaper until it is all dull except for the center (fuselage) area,6" inboard of elbows. Jig the gear leading edge down with tipson the work table and the center section on a tall chair orsimilar support. Even the gear on the supports so it is allfairly flat. Now put small dabs of 5 min. or bondo down wherethe gear touches the table and chair. After the glue has cured,you will make a lay-up using uni strips, 9" wide at approx. 40°to the salvage edge. You'll need around 16 strips but this willvary, depending on how much you splice.

Main Gear Stiffener Layup

Paint some epoxY all over the gear legs where the lay-upswill go. Lay-up the first ply so that it extends 6" inboard ofthe turn, down to the tip with the fibers running approx. 40°-45°to the leading and trailing edge across the face of the gear. Ifyou need to, splice pieces together, do not overlap them. Justbutt them together. You are allowed up to 1/4" between butts.The second ply is layed up similarly but with the major fiberscrossing the first ply at the opposite angle. Make sure yourlay-ups are straight, with no wrinkles. Your third and fourthplys Of uni are done in the same manner. Make sure you havean equal number of plys going each way (crossing).

Main Gear Stiffener Detail

After this lay-up has cured, break it loose from the tableand chair, turn it over, re-jig it, and bond it back on in a similarfashion. You will need to trim and taper the previous lay-up soyour following lay-up will flow smoothly around the leading edge.NOW, lay-up the last four (4) plys exactly like the first four andsand smooth without getting into your earlier lay-up.

In order to facilitate the completion of the next step, it is bestto install the axles, wheels, and tires. First, you willtrim the bottom and trailing edges of the gear legs to fit thebrake calipers. In order to locate the axle position you willsimply measure up from the bottom of the gear3/8" in the centerof the gear and mark the spot. NOW, position the brake trim templateso that the centering hole fits over the mark that you justput on the gear. Line up the sides and mark the 4-1/4" holes andthe outline of the template. Make a preliminary cut with a sabresaw along the line you just drew. Later you will modify it to getthe appropriate clearance.

Main Gear Brackets

Clamp the axle over the original axle position mark and line itup with the four (4) hole marks you already made. Use two (2) "c"clamps for this. Being careful not to ream the axle, drill throughthe axle and on through the S-glass gear with a 1/4" bit. Now boltthe axles on with two (2) 1/4" bolts diagonally across the axle.Use any 1/4" bolts that will fit since this is being done just tojig the gear in the fuselage.