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Q-talk 144 - Nov/Dec 2010 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
Nov/Dec 2010
Issue 144

Hey Member,
Phew! I made it through my first full year as Editor, and I come away thinking, “Hey that wasn’t that bad!” I appreciate all of the enthusiasm from members, especially given all of the changes we’ve implemented together this year.

What I especially like is the renewed interest in Quickies that I see shaping up across the globe, and the highly technical articles written by members like you. In fact, this issue was written almost entirely by other members.

I’m guessing that for every article submitted, there are about ten people quietly working away on their projects. This in turn leads me to believe that there is much more left to say about these wonderful designs. So my hope for the New Year is that you’ll ask one of the current contributors how easy it was to send in an article, and perhaps submit one yourself!

For now, I want to wish all of you a very warm and happy holiday season. Some of us up here in the north may have to put our flying aspirations on hold a bit due to the weather. My holiday wish for you is that this allows you to spend more time sharing with your family, including your extended family of Quickie builders and flyers!

Remember, "Together we build better planes" (and newsletters.)

Warmest regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended by 3 months:

  • Joseph Snow
  • Rene Roberston
  • Bernhardt Jansen
  • David Posey

Making a Q2 Canopy

I thought making a new canopy at home for a Q2 would suck. As it turns out. . . It really blows! Check out this great "How-to" article by Bernhardt Jansen.

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First Corvair Powered Q

The first Corvair powered Q is nearing first flight. Check out Joseph Snow's report on the trials and tribulations of getting the W&B just right!

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Alternate Alternator

Swapping out the alternator on an O-200 is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. (If you're counting the number of times you need to remove the engine.) Kevin Boddicker shares his education with us.

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Runway 27L

I'm sad to report the loss of the world's highest time Q flier - Dr. Steve Kulczycky. Rene Robertson provides a fitting tribute.

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Dr. Steve's First Flight

At his memorial service they played the video of Dr. Steve's first flight. There are some good lessons to be learned by all of the builders nearing first flight:

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Article Archive

This issue brings two vintage articles to the QBA magazine archive: Why is White so Sacred? and The Complete Guide to Rutan Aircraft - Chapter 6

Click here to see the full archive

End of Year - Odds and Ends

The New Year is almost here. It's time to start planning Quickie events for next year! Do I hear any volunteers?

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Renew your Membership

Some of you signed up for your QBA membership in late 2009. It may be time to renew. Find out how to check by watching Video Tutorial Number 4.

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In Our Next Issue

Mike Evans shows us and even easier way to vacuum bag, and keep parts warm in winter!


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