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Q-talk 144 - End of Year - Odds and Ends

It's time to start thinking about next year!


Jerry Marstall (and QBA) are looking for someone to chair the Quickie Forum at Sun- N-Fun this year. This year’s event is March 29 – April 3, 2011, in Lakeland, Florida.  Last year six people attended the forum, and we’d like to up that number a bit this year.  If you’re interested in hosting the forum please let me or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know.

Other Quickie Events

Are you interested in hosting a Quickie Fly-in this year?  Doug Humble will not be hosting the Beatrice fly-in, but the airport is still available.  It’s a beautiful non-towered central location.  All we need is someone to open the hanger, make dinner reservations, and maybe bring a cooler with some ice in it!  If you’d like to host there, or somewhere closer to home please let me know ASAP.  I will update the Events Page and help provide whatever logistical support you may need!

Large Format Scanning

I now have access to a large format scanner.  So if anyone has large template sheets or other large documents of interest to the Q community please send them to me at the address listed on the Contact Me page.  All originals will be returned promptly, and you will receive credit for your contribution with an extended membership, and honorable mention in a future edition of Q-talk!

I’m especially looking for the following:

  • Q-200 – O-200 firewall drawings
  • Q1 addendum showing how to make the Fuselage Trailerable

2011 Upcoming Website Items

Member List – The current Member List isn’t very functional or helpful.  My plan for 2011 is to make it easier to update your own information, and see where and what other members are building and flying!  Your patience is appreciated.

Q-talk Archive – Hopefully I’ll be able to post more back issues of Q-talk in the online archive.  Now. . .If I only had a few more days in the week!

Big Bird – Mike Huffman from Sport Aviation Specialties was a Quickie Dealer in the 1980’s.  He provided me with several technical drawings and specifications of QAC’s failed attempt to build an aircraft capable of navigating the globe without refueling.  This includes Tom Jewett’s fatal crash report from an independent investigator hired by QAC.  I will be posting this material throughout 2011, and most Quickie enthusiasts will find it of at least historical interest.

Tri-Q plans – David Posey sent me a copy of the Tri-Q plans and I will be posting them online with searchable text, just like I did with the Q1 and Q2 plans.

Tri-Q hardware

Speaking of the Tri-Q: I have begun allowing other vendors to post their products in the online store, and hopefully 2011 will bring a software upgrade that will allow interested vendors the opportunity to post their own product lines for the Quickie designs.

Some of you may have noticed, that we’ve begun this “multi-vendor” experiment by allowing Earnest Martin to sell his Tri-Q wheel pants, and Lopresti Style Cowling in the online store. 

This means that you can now buy these with PAYPAL, electronic check, or a major credit card.  Current QBA members will still receive a 20% discount!

Construction Videos

I've had a bunch of e-mails asking when I was going to post new time-lapse construction videos. Well. . . Uhm. . . First let me say that I’m sorry that I haven’t posted one in a while.  However, I have been working on my plane every night for the past several months.  (Mostly continuing to sand off all of the old paint.)

Starting in January 2011 I will post some updated photos to get everyone caught up on where I am on my own project, and then continue to post the time lapse videos weekly.

I may even post a tutorial showing how I make the videos, and maybe you’ll be inclined to upload a few yourself!


I'm still kinda' new at this QBA Editor thing. . . So please let me know how I'm doing, and what I could do better.  I'll continue to work hard to make sure that your $20 membership is worth all 2000 pennies!  Simply Contact Me.