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Q-talk 135 - Update from North of the Boarder

This spring I sold my Q2 C-FBWV to a very nice fellow in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta & bought my friend Brad's plans built Tri-Q2 C-GTCA. As most of you know, Brad did an awesome job building this airplane. After an engine change, I started flying TCA two weekends ago. I have about 6 hours on her now and she flies wonderfully and tracks straight down the runway. I'm very happy with the new Tri-Q2 and promised Brad that I will take good care of her.

I kept my old Revmaster and it is in my new Tri-Q2. I trust this engine anywhere and know it very well having rebuilt it with better than stock components. The Tri-Q2 has the LS1 canard and seems to have more elevator authority than the GU had. On the runway, it is totally different & very few rudder inputs are required. My speeds are within 5 MPH from my old Q2. I'm still able to hit 190-195 MPH with the Tri-Q2 on a low pass, where as with the same engine and prop on the Q2, I was able to hit 200 MPH diving into it. In the air I don't notice any speed difference.

Rene Robertson Abbotsford Canada Q2 C-GTCA

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