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Q-talk 132 - New Access Procedures Coming For QBA Members Only Web Page

I will be changing the log in process for the Members Only web pages in hopes that it will be easier than it is today. This was a topic of discussion at the Field of Dreams fly-in this year and with the help of Sam Kittle, I think the new procedures will be good for me as well as you the user.

In the past I asked everyone to use their real first and last name as the username to log in. This was so I could deny access for those who did not renew their subscription and made it so I didn't have to keep track of everyone's favorite nick name. Now everyone will be using the same username and password. Next issue will be the first issue of 2009 and I will publish in it the chosen username and password for the subscription year 2009. If you forget these items, you can simply pull out an issue from the current year and find them. I will then change both items every year to something new and you will know what it is when you get your first issue of the new year.

I'm hoping this will be an easier method than what we currently use. I know it will reduce my workload. So, be watching for this information in the next issue.

One more thing to remember about the Members Only web pages. Our system is not very sophisticated and it only likes Microsoft Internet Explorer. I don't know why and I can't fix it because I'm not that smart! So, if you log in and don't see anything, make sure you are using IE.

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