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Q-talk 128 - >Brake Bleeding Catch Bottle

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but even with my "swing-wing" instrument panel, which allows me to reach the firewall while standing outside, I still have a miserable time bleeding the brakes. I usually come out looking like I had just slaughtered a hog and the inside of the cockpit looks the same.

Having Matco brake master cylinders, the first problem is getting that infernal allen head screw out. Here is my solution to that one:

Screw fitting into master cylinder then the brake line fitting onto it.

I found a screw with the right threads and in the slot brazed in a washer. Now it works like a thumbscrew. Much better! The next challenge was to capture all of the fluid that runs out the top while I am trying to get all the air out of the system. I grabbed some left over brake line and attached a fitting to one end and the bottle to the other. Just make sure to put a breather hole in the bottle cap for the air to escape. Now I am able to let the fluid run as long as I like with no mess.

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