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Q-talk 115 - Speaking of the QBA Web site...

I wanted to remind everyone that the QBA web site has been created to compliment the newsletter. All of the photos you find in the newsletter can be found in the Members Only area of the web site. There are many times I do not have room to put all the photos that correspond to an article in the newsletter, so I put them on the web site. Call them "bonus photos" if you like. But just like all the photos on the web site, you can click on them to enlarge them. You can also save them to your computer and print them out, in color, if you like. You do need to register and maintain your subscription to Q-Talk to be able to visit these pages.

I have made some other changes as well. I reorganized the Resources page and added a link to the Old Newsletter Index Search which mistakenly was left off a year ago when we revamped the web site. All plans are under the Plans button and I added a new button called O-200 Resource Page. It's intent is to help you keep your O-200 in peak condition and troubleshoot problems. More additions are coming as time allows. Your newsletter subscription helps maintain the QBA web site. Thank you!

You can order a printed copy of Q-talk #115 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.