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Q-talk 141 - May/Jun 2010 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
May/Jun 2010
Issue 141

Hey Member,
Summer is officially here. As the weather gets warmer it seems we’re all becoming a little more active. QBA has seen a great deal of activity over the last few months, and I am really excited about all of the activities yet to come.

AirVenture is less than a month away, so stay tuned for Doug Humble’s report from Oshkosh in our next issue. Personally, I’m looking forward to meeting some of you this year at the Livermore and Field of Dreams Fly-ins. I’ll be there with plenty of QBA stuff to give away.

Traffic to the website continues to grow, and we’re gaining members from around the globe. In fact, it seems a whole new generation has become interested in the planes we love. Make sure you check out the article about the High School “Aerospace” class in Redmond Oregon. You’ll never guess what they’re building!

That’s all for now, I need to get back out to the garage if I’m ever gonna’ get my plane built. One day, my summer activities will involve writing a flight report. But for now I’ll just have to be content to read all of yours! If you’ve been out flying recently, send me your report! It’ll keep all of us motivated to continue building!

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

Popular in High School

I got a very encouraging e-mail from a student at Redmond High School in Oregon. Seems he and his "Aerospace Class" are building a Q-200. Maybe I wouldn't mind doing High School over again. . . Hmmm?

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Leave the Shipping to Us

I stumbled upon a very reasonable way to ship bulky and/or heavy items... Items like the cowl and canopy I got off the Q-list for "free."

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The Quickie is Back!

After a long hiatus in the restoration hanger, the Q1 is back on display at the National Air and Space Museum! Best of all, you don’t even have to fight the mall traffic!

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Brett Gerber from Ft. Wayne, IN made a first flight in his Q-200/Dragonfly hybrid.

Now. . . if we could just figure out what to call it?

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Now I Know. . .

A random internet enthusiast sent me some Tri-Q pictures he took at Air Venture last year. Turned out to be pictures of our own Bruce Crain! Now I know what Bruce looks like. Interestingly enough, the sender of the photos wasn't so random.

Queue Twilight Zone theme music.

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Topic Search

After some head scratching I figured out how to get Dave Richardson's Q-talk Topic Search working on the new website!

Check it out!

Q-2 Approved in Spain

Agustin Millanfrom Barcelona Spain reported in the forums that he is the first person ever to gain construction approval from the Spanish government!

Wow. . . That seems long overdue doesn't it? Way to go Agustin!

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Stimulating Conversation

Speaking of the forums, I started a new feature so that we can share aviation related knowledge not limited to just Quickies.

This month's topic is based on a Rod Machado article about paying for flight lessons.

Share your ideas

Upcoming Fly-ins!

EAA AirVenture - July 26 - Aug. 1
Livermore Fly-in - Aug. 27-29
Field of Dreams Fly-in - Sept. 24 - 26

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