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Q-talk 139 - Checking In With HQ

Bruce Crain
Enid, OK - USA

Hi Dan!
I'm not sure I am the right guy for the article. . . [excuses deleted due to space considerations!] . . .So my best advice is "go get an adolescent and pay him or her something." Otherwise it may take a looooong time or may not work at all. This advise is of course for us "Older Folks."

Yes I am a dinosaur. But then how many other dinosaurs have built an aircraft? So maybe I am not that far off the "Cranial pursuit."

[Editor's Note] I edited Bruce's comments above to remove a very long list of excuses that he provided about not being young enough to figure out these new fangled computer gizmos! However, once I got him calmed down a bit, he proceeded to use said gizmo to submit an article for this very issue of Q-talk! Make sure you tell Bruce what a great job he did! You CAN teach a self-proclaimed "Old Dog" new tricks! Thanks Bruce, I look forward to working with you!

Alan Thayer
Livermore, CA - USA

Hey Dan,
Happy New Year! I've been around for years and years now, and you couldn't find a better bunch of people, as you have already found out... make a friend with a Quickie guy, and you got a friend for life!

Thanks so much, and thanks especially for stepping up to the plate to help us out with the technical expertise that we need to keep our terrific group alive and kicking! The e-mail list has been outstanding in keeping in touch, and i'm glad it is still intact, but i am looking forward to exploring your site, and how it can be used to post articles, etc., as a replacement for the newsletter.
Many thanks again for everything, and hope your New Year will be bright, safe, and healthy! Keep up the great work,

All the best.

P.S. I sure wish i had your skills for website design, i have my own opera company website, which i used a template for in its construction, but it is nowhere nearly as interactive as your's is... hats off to you, Dan! How do you learn this stuff????

[Editor's Note] Thanks Alan, I'm looking forward to seeing "the shorts" in person this year!

Chris Adkins
Ashland, KY - USA

First of all, the work you've done here is phenomenal!!! Thanks for picking up the torch after Doug "retired." As you've already noticed, there are a lot of fantastic individuals in the Q-munity!

[Editor's Note] "Q-munity". . . Hope that's not copyrighted 'cause I am totally stealing that for use in future newsletters! Thanks for the kind words!

Dan Linehan
Monterey, CA - USA

Hey Dan,
My name is Dan Linehan. I did the book about SpaceShipOne. I'm doing a new book that covers a large number of Rutan designs. The Quickie will be one. I was trying to track down the current location of the prototype Quickie N54Q? If it is in a public place, I'd like to be able to steer people there.

[Editor's Note] Hi Dan, The quickie prototype is model 54 in the rutan design series, but I believe the "N" number is actually 77Q. Keep us posted on your book! FYI: Mr. Linehan quickly located the prototype in Seattle at The Museum of Flight, here's the link.

Paul Buckley
Cheshire, England

Hi Dan,
I have just registered with your site but I can't find a list of Q builders, as I could on the old site. How do I do that?
I am shortly about to visit NZ for several weeks and would like to make contact with any one there.
I could post a request on the list but I thought that this might be a better way.

[Editor's Note] The Member List is now in the "Member's Only" section of this website. I am making improvements and it will soon have more information about builders and flyers.

C. Keith Kerr
Postville, IA - USA

Hi Dan. Just checking to see if you will accept a personal check for membership dues. I can't get my Paypal account to work--identity mix-up. If you will send me an address I will mail you a check.
I have a Quickie 2, with 340 hr +, revmaster engine, not flying yet.
Thank You

[Editor's Note] Got your check, thanks for your membership support! I also added "Offline Payments" as an option to the sign-up page for people in a similar situation.

Fabio Mariani

Hi, my name is Fabio and I am an Italian Pilot (flight instructor), I was looking this beautiful airplane and I was wondering to built one in the next future. I read that the company is closed and there's no Kit to buy, is that correct? How can I build this ariplane? What kind of engine is suitable for it? Could You give me information about the way to build it in a proper way? Is it easy for a Person like me, with a past as home builder of Colibrì Mb2 airplane (all wood)? I would like to thank you for any information and suggestions You may give to me.
Merry Christmas and happy new year

[Editor's Note] So many questions from the new guys! That is why the Quickie Builders Association is here. . . to support each other as we tackle our projects. Many of these questions can be answered by perusing this website, and the remaining questions can be annswered in the forums or on the Q-list. Together we really do build better airplanes!

Bruce Bernath
Alma, MI - USA

Hey Dan! Thanks for the advice. I have posted my Protech Prostar PT-2C on Barnstormers for sale or trade for a flying Q200 or project. I hope I get some bites. Like most everyone else in Michigan I am tightening my belt financially so it is difficult for me to buy my dream outright. Thanks again for the pointers & I'll be sure to keep you posted.

[Editor's Note] Michigan isn't the only place with tighter belts! Good luck and keep us posted on your project!

John Henry Perez
Atlanta, GA - USA

Thanks Dan for the shirts. They are great! They also fit well. Am looking forward to your next installment. I am held up on the progress I’m making with my q1. Working on the house.

[Editor's Note] Glad you like the T-shirts! Keep at it, persistence pays off!

Agustín Millán

Hi Dan, how are you!

This is Agustin from Spain. I am a Spanish pilot with 10 years of experience. I have recently bought a Q2 unfinished kit from USA. As soon as I get back home (I am in a job trip right now), I will set up the 2010 payment. Thank you for your help!!! Best regards from Spain!!

[Editor's Note] Thanks Agustín, we look forward to hearing more about your project!

Roelof A.Goedhals
South Africa

I have read all there is to read in your Website regarding the Quickie projects etc. During 1983 I read in Sport Aviation the stories of the Quickie projects, became a member, to someday build my own, up to the demise of Leg-Air Aviation LTD.

Still with that thought in mind, I recently found your Website on the internet. Unfortunately this is the only E-Mail address I found. I hope this gets to you as I feel a personal interaction is necessary, esp. for foreign interest.

If possible answer me by return E-Mail.

[Editor's Note] The skeptic in me thinks this might be a scam, especially since he wanted to know my bank account information in another part of the e-mail. However, the optimist in me is glad that people worldwide are able to find the new website and do enough research on the site to make the scam e-mail at least sound believable!