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Q-talk 106 - Quickie Trailer

This is a pictorial description of the trailer Roy Shannon designed and built for his single place Quickie. Roy decided early in his building phase that he did not want to rent a hangar. He would need a very functional and efficient trailer to haul his plane from his garage to the airport. The trailer he designed must fit his needs perfectly because he has been clocked assembling his plane in less than 10 minutes on a good day. The only problem he has is the crowd he usually draws once he arrives at the airport. When that happens, it may take close to a half an hour to assemble because he is answering all kinds of questions. Oh, the burdens of owning a beautiful and unusual airplane!

Roy says the trailer started out life as a 4 x 8 trailer found at Haibor Freight. It included all the basic parts needed, like wheels and tires, lights, couplers and springs. He cut the trailer in half from front to back to widen it to the eight foot width needed. The basic dimension of the final trailer bed is eight foot by eight foot with the corners removed.

Roy realized the unexpected benefit of his trailer design when he needed to work on the wheels of his Quickie. Since the plane is supported under the fuselage, in addition to each of the mains, he was able to remove one wheel support at a time and gain access to the wheelpant area. This allowed him to do service work without restriction.

All in all, Roy is very pleased with his design and it has worked well for the 160+ hours he has flown his plane. Great job, Roy!

(Ed. Note-1 want to thank David Gall for providing some of the photos shown in this description. I understand that Roy is not planning on drawing up plans for his trailer. You should be able to get what you need from these photos to duplicate his design.)

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