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Q-talk 102 - Winter Heating

I have always used a wood stove or a propane heater in my workshop, fearing the results of the other heating alternatives. I recently bought a 44000 BTU Coleman propane heater and a 100 pound propane bottle to heat the garage in this house and this has work very well. I circulate the air with a fan.

I know that some folks are going to ask the questions, consider the responses and have economy be the decisive factor. Whatever course is chosen then one is going to have to work with it. Brian Lundy, GRAFLITE designer / builder, once said to me that there are two types of builders, safe ones and cheap ones. Build safe guys! That is what this forum is about.

If there is any question on the surface condition, do the test that I've offered in the past: a drop of DISTILLED water on the surface. If it beads up, the surface is contaminated. If it wets out, you're good to go. Any automotive paint and body supply sells a product that goes by the term of wax and grease remover. It is similar to Varsol. It is a very mild cleaning solvent and it flashes off pretty fast. I'm not sure if it would get down to the Styrofoam though. I've never needed to pre-clean my surface.

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