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Q-talk 97 - Getting Close

On October 21, 2002, I took Q200 N1V to the Henderson County Airport after working on it for the last 10 years. The trip to the A/P was uneventful, thankfully, but slow, just like the building stage. I kept the speed on the 28-mile trip down to around 35mph so that the Q wasn't bounced around too much.. WHEW! Nothing was damaged! After reaching the A/P. there was plenty of help attaching the tailcone and unloading the Q from the trailer. The local FBO had a fork lift that they let us use. We picked the plane up by a strap wrapped around the engine mounts and while the tail was steadied, we pulled the trailer out from under the Q. After checking everything over real well, we finally got "fire in the hole". I have the Electroaire EI on the right side and a new Slick Magneto on the left, and after just a few turns of the prop, the 0200 came to life. I was able to taxi it for the first time on Nov. 3. 2002, and was very pleased with how straight it taxied down the runway. I have differential brakes but hardly had to use them. They will be very helpful though, when needed. On Nov 14.2002. the DAR called me and asked if I would meet him at the A/P for the inspection and I wasn't about to say "No". The DAR was very knowledgeable and gave the Q a very good inspection. I didn't have a propeller log so he insisted that I get one very soon. He then gave me my restrictions and signed off NIV. After a few runway taxi test runs, the starter (pull type) gave way. The sprag clutch was slipping too much to engage and start the engine. I now have a new Sky-Tec starter on order that I should have it very soon. I had rebuilt everything in the first starter except the clutch. Wouldn't you know the one thing I didn't replace is the thing that bit me, figures. Anyway, I will "lose" about 6 more pounds with the new starter. Hmmmm. that comes out to about $100 per pound. Not bad. EH! I'm really looking forward to the first flight and many more. Oh, by the way, here are some stats on the plane:

? EW: 711 lbs. (before starter replacement)

? Fuel Cap. 22.5 gals, 18 Main - 4.5 Header

? Wheel Alignment per David Gall Article,

Thanks, David G.

? Reflexor

? Soft Tail Wheel

? Mateo Wheels and Brakes. H/A Master Cylinders

? Prop: 58" X 71" Props. Inc with Kevlar Spinner

More on the first flight later.

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