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Q-talk 96 - New Website Feature

Thanks to the efforts of David Pugmire, we have a recent addition to the www.quickiebuilders.org website. We have a new and improved builder information screen that YOU control. That's right. You edit your own record. So when you change your email provider, you can change it for everyone to see. If you change your mind on which engine you are going to use, you can change it yourself. You can also include your own website address, your propeller information, Comm and Transponder radio information, empty weight, cruise speed and many other pieces of valuable information. As a QBA member, you will soon be able to upload your own pictures of your plane and enter your own classified ads. Check it out and add yourself today. Did I mention you could sort down the screen so you can see it listed by state or airplane type? You can!

You can order a printed copy of Q-talk #96 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.