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Q-talk 91 - LaRue Brake Mod Notes

Jim Patillo Fremont, CA

I installed the La Rue Brake Mod using the standard "kit supplied" Airheart calipers/discs and feel the brakes work much smoother with no binding or noise. It is a great improvement over the original set up I had.

Take a good look at these pictures (on Q-List files pictures site). Note: There are no threads on the guides where the caliper mount bracket slides.

The guides for both calipers were made using eight 4" x 3/8" stainless bolts with long shoulders (4 bolts required per caliper) and center drilling, tapping and installing a 3/16" x 1" stainless threaded rod in center of the bolt heads.

The procedure is:

Drill the center of the eight bolt heads 1/2" deep. Tap each bolt head. Squeeze in a little Locktite and install 1" long stainless stud into one bolt head.

Drill a 3/16" hole in the mounting plate and insert the stainless stud attached to bolt through that hole. Squeeze more Locktite into the other bolt head hole and wrench tighten both pieces onto aluminum plate using the bolt heads. Do this procedure for the top and bottom, both sides . Install standard "kit supplied" Airheart calipers/discs per mod instructions. Cut the 3/8" bolts to correct length, so that caliper slides back and forth but not off the ends of the guides.

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