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Q-talk 91 - Product Watch - Fire Extinguishers

Mike Dwyer Tampa, FL

Arkansas Warns Against Using A-B-C Extinguishers For Aircraft fires. The Arkansas Department of Aeronautics reports it is seeing a disturbing increase in the number of Class A-B-C fire extinguishers on airport ramps and airport service vehicles, including fuel trucks. This type of extinguisher poses a severe aircraft damage problem because monammonium phosphate is highly corrosive to aluminum. If used on an airplane, the chemical flows into structural cracks and crevices and can't be washed out as can the dry chemical agents found in B-C type extinguishers. The aircraft must be disassembled to manually clean the surfaces right down to the rivets. Failure to do so will result in corrosive destruction of the airplane. ADA feels this is a serious education problem that can be solved once communicated properly. Contractors and airport fire departments should only use B-C type extinguishers when dealing with fire around an airplane or the damage caused by corrosion my exceed that caused by the fire.

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