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Q-talk 85 - Checking In With Headquarters

Tom Clime, Silver Spring, MD.
I’ve been here in the east for 40 some years, but I grew up in Hiram and remember Stow, Kent, Cuyahoga Falls and the Ravenna airport well’ Good Luck! N49X still under construction. (Ed Note: Thanks Tom. We live a quarter mile from the Kent State Airport in Stow. Come and visit when you get back ‘home.” )

Adrian Weigart, Cupertino, CA.
Please keep the Q-Talk coming

Dick Lause, Anchorage AK
Thanks for good info, ideas, questions, suggestions and plain old keeping in touch. Another year about to hit home plate said and done.

John Graiizella, Costa Mesa, CA.
I appreciate you taking over as Editor- big job. We have Q-2kit 2038 and it has really moved slowly. We joke “95% done, 95% to go!”

Howard Schudd.er, North East MD.
I happen to be one of the older members. Have the first issue of the newsletter. My first test hop was in 1987. Still have my Q2 Revmaster N2390V hangered at ILG, Wilmington, Delaware.

Stu White, Moved from Alto, MI to Caledonia, MI.
Good luck in the new year, hope to have an update soon. Have had too many houses get in the way of Tri-Q building

Bruce and Joanne Cram, Eni4 OK.
Thanks for taking on the newsletter. I’ll see if I can fmd a lot of pictures of my “handsome self’ to send you! Maybe with a make- over. Greet Susie for Joanne and myselfi Lord Bless!

Fred Wenunering, Fayettevitle, NC.
Hope to see “you all” at Sun ‘n Fun 2001.

Keith Welsh, Marshall, IL
Congrats Dave and I guess Susie. (Bet she gets most of the typing.) Good Luck.

Ibor Mokrys, Calgary, Alberta
Thank you for assuming the QBA stewardship and keeping this newsletter alive. I am renewing for another year although, I have to admit, have not done much building recently. My problem is still the absence of a paycheque at the end of the month and, as a result, I am not in a position to carry on at this time. So Jam concentrating my efforts on the job situation first and when that is back on track, I will be ready to resume building. In the meantime, I keep in touch through the Q-Talk and hope that things can be turned around.

Harold Drake, Twin Falls, ID.
Glad that you are willing to pickup the newsletter and keep it going. My Q2 is almost ready to fly again after 14 years. I’ll give details at a later time.

Rudi Bran denberger, Liestal, Switzerland
I’m holding QT issue #84 in my hands... Thanks (Tom) for all the efforts and encouragement you put into our bimonthly “booster” to re-light our fires. Once I promised to fly around the Matterhorn (14,691 ft rock in Switzerland) in 2000 with my Q2, but it did not happen yet. Year 2000 was not a progressively good year for me and my project. Too many family obligations and job rotations. But anyhow, it will be once in the 3rd Millennium!

Steve Whiteside, Liberty, KS.
Congrats on the new Q-Talk editorship. I’m sure you will do a good job... I am planning on attending Sun ‘n Fun. Hope to see you there.

Kevin Boddicker, Luana, IA.
Good luck as the new editor! When I have some progress to report you will see it

William Wylie, Lancaster, CA.
I always look forward to each issue

Chris Rayner, Oxon England.
I have pleasure in sending the dues for 2001 and look forward to receiving Q-Talk. As Tom has always said “Keep Building, It’s Worth It” and I intend to do that - although the idea of sanding my elevators outside when the temperature is -2 C a bit daunting. Welcome to the position Dave and I hope to have (sometime) a few words to contribute about working on my Q200.

Larry Hamm, Park City, UT.
Congratulations on the newjob! I hope it doesn’t keep you from flying. I recently purchased a partially completed Q2 kit, and hope to start on it when wanner weather arnves. Meanwhile, I’m headed for the Mountain States Fly-in at Laughlin, NV. There is so much to learn about building and flying these birds that I’m trying to garner as much info as possible. Thanks for your help, and good luck with the new “position.” P.S. The new website looks very promising!

Paul Fisher, Taylor Ridge, IL.
Thanks for taking over the helm!

Sam Kittle, Angels Camp, CA.
Thanks for taking over the newsletter. I started my project 1982, and the newsletter has really helped to keep me focused on finishing. Hope I will be able to contribute something this year.

Chris Simpson, West Sussex England
I apologize for the late renewal but I am having a lot of distractions in my life at the moment. These distractions have also brought work on my Tri-Q to a halt for most of the last year but I am hoping to get down to it again soon. The current state of the project is airframe complete, engine (Limbach L2000) installation complete, finishing process underway using PolyFiber system - which is very effective and easy to use - and most of the electrics still to be completed. Than you very much for your continued efforts in producing Q-Talk, which is essential reading for all Quickie builders. Wishing you all the very best and good flying for 2001.

New member Gregory Talbot, Metairie, LA
I am excited to pick up my project and get started. Engine will be a BMW Rsl 100 with Rotax C gearbox, 100 hp. The plane is about 40% complete and I will appreciate anybody’s input or ideas on completing this project The plane will be kept at St John’s airport (Reserve, LA) in the AirTec ultralight hanger.

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