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Q-talk 149 - Xpresso Takes to the Air

by Reg Clarke

Xpresso - Before and After.

[Editor’s Note: Reg Clarke sent me some photos of his beautiful interior! I suppose I should have guessed that if he spent that much time on the exterior that his interior would be just as spectacular. Glad to have you back in the air and hope to see you at a fly-in soon!]

Reg Clarke's Leather Interior

I finally test flew my XPRESSO! It was a very nerve racking first flight, since I didn’t know how she’d fly after all of my mods. I'd changed the shape of the joint where the fuselage meets the canard quit a bit. I brought the main wheels inboard from where they used to be at the canard tips. I enlarged the rudder, changed the tail wheel, and the canopy.

Reg Clarke's Leather Interior

Once in the air, I relaxed once I found that it flew VERY well, but I stayed near the airport for testing.

Seatback Bulkhead

Now it's time to paint the main gear legs. I changed their angle and moved them back another 4 inches to accept larger aircraft tires.

Subaru - EJ2.5 - Direct drive turbo and intercooler

It taxis beautifully now. I just love that wheel in the rudder! It takes off and lands straight, much nicer than before.

Keep up the good work Dan, I like it that you are a progressive thinker and helping a group like this.

Best regards,
Reg Clarke