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Q-talk 105 - Shape Guide

While working on my new baffles for my Revmaster, I was having trouble creating good seals around the intake manifolds. I tried several different approaches with the material but all of them created gaps that I didn't like. It finally occurred to me that I could use good old safety wire to help define the shape that I needed to duplicate. I worked the wire around the area in question until most of the spring was out of the wire and it followed the contours of the intakes. I marked the side of the intakes about 1/2 way up each side and then also marked the safety wire at the same place. I measured the distance between those two marks on the outer portions of the tubes. Then I made sure the marks on the safety wire were the same distance from each other when I traced around the inside of the safety wire template. Once cut out, the cardboard template and final sheet aluminum piece fit snuggly.

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