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Q-talk 135 - Fly-in information

Those of you planning your AirVenture trip should mark your calendars and attend The Quickie Type Club Meeting

at the Homebuilders HQ on Thursday, July 30th from 8:30AM to 10AM. We used this venue last year and it was well received for our size group. Afterwards we continued our conversation around the few Q's that had flown into AirVenture. I hope to have coffee and donuts this year! See you there!

Your host, Hawkeye Humble

The 8th Annual Livermore Tandem Wing Fly-in is scheduled for August 21st thru the 23rd 2009, at Livermore (LVK), California. Once again this year, this West Coast event will be hosted by Alan Thayer and Sam Kittle. Last year, a record

number of planes made it to the Fly-in, and this year, we are looking for even more Tandem Wing Q's and Dragonflies, and even other canard aircraft as well. With the solid interest in the event that was shown last year, arising from the actual testing of the rear wing of a Q-200, we feel we will have an attraction sure to draw even more interest during our Fly-in this summer.

Gary Hertzler, renowned expert in the field of drag reduction has accepted our invitation to be our guest and featured speaker for this year's Fly-in. With all of us in tow, he will examine a sample Q-2, Q-200 and a Dragonfly, from tip to tip, front to back, and identify the areas of drag that will be of interest to us as we seek to find more speed and efficiency out of our planes.

Gary has enjoyed a career as a mechanical engineer working in the turbofan design industry for 30 years. He built his exceptionally efficient VariEze in 1980 and has since accumulated over 3400 hours. Gary holds three world records for non-refueled distance and flight efficiency, and currently holds the CAFE closed course and straight line efficiency awards for weight class. He has formed his own propeller business specializing in high efficiency composite-covered propellers for the home built industry. His Silver Bullet propeller is world-renowned as being one of the fastest propellers for canard aircraft. Mr. Hertzler is the recipient of numerous medals and awards from the International Aeronautical Federation.

Several years ago, Gary went over Bob Farnam's Q-200 at Oshkosh for 30 minutes, and amazed Bob and others with ideas for substantial drag reduction.

Now, we will all be able to benefit firsthand from his expertise in drag-reduction by listening to what he will have to say as he goes over three of our planes. Time permitting, we will also talk about prop design, and will enjoy a power point presentation showing tuft and oil test results on similar planes.

Mark your calendars now for August 21 -23 when Q-2's, Q-200's and Dragonflies will be descending from the sky over Livermore, California during our 8th Annual Tandem Wing Fly-in. The event will be hosted by myself, Alan Thayer and fellow Q builder, Sam Kittle, at my hangar, number 262.

See you there!

Alan Thayer

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