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Q-talk 133 - New log in procedures

After a discussion at last fall's Field of Dreams fly-in, I have changed the way everyone logs into the Members Only web page at the QBA web site. In the past, everyone had their own usernames & passwords and many people could not remember them because I required the username to be your name. This way I didn't have to remember nicknames etc. It was not the best system.

This year everyone will have the same log-in username and password and it will be published in this newsletter, so please don't email me that you can't remember it because my response will be "its in the newsletter" It will always be on page 11 in column 1 in the dashed box under the web page address and editor's email address.

The QBA Members Only web page still likes Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) the best, so if you get logged in and have issues, try using IE and login again.

You can order a printed copy of Q-talk #133 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.