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Q-talk 130 - Alternators

There was a discussion about alternators at our QBA forum. Several people have the small ND alternators on the back accessory case. I tried one of those many years ago and had problems with it. The long armature connection eventually wore loose enough to let the gear slip inside the accessory case (chips in the oil, etc. -not pretty!). Perhaps they are better today, so I'm not recommending anyone abandon them - I just wanted to point out another alternative.

My alternator is up front, mounted on the fuel pump pad (which typically isn't used on the 0-200). I drilled and tapped the fuel pump pad to hold an adapter plate, and mounted the alternator on the adapter plate. The pulley is run off a groove machined into the prop extension. It works very well. Since I have moved to

the front (where I could work on it without removing the engine!), I haven't had any problems with it. Also it sits just inside the cowl inlet, so it gets lots of cool air. The alternator I used is the C-40 from B and C. You can see it at: http://www.bandc.biz/L40desc.html - boss mount version. Call Bill and talk to him about the difference between the C-40 and the L-40 (C=Continental; L=Lycoming?). I think the difference is which installation kit he includes. He was extremely helpful when I did mine. He even let me copy the print he had of where to drill the fuel pump pad on the O-200. The C-40 in externally regulated, so you'll still need an external regulator. I already had one so it was a drop in replacement for me. Go here to see it:


I'm including some pictures and drawing of my installation.

Paul A. Fisher Q-200, N17PF 1350 hours in over 18 years!

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