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Q-talk 129 - Hinge Inspection Tip

Hey Guys,

I'm doing an annual condition inspection. I had play in the right side center elevator hinge, not a lot, but more than when new. After disassembly I found the center pin QCSM3 loose. At first I thought I'd have to tear apart the elevator to get to the attaching nut, but after I slept on it, I realized a 3 foot socket extension would do it. Nice and tight now and an easy fix. Keep checking those center, and outer elevator, aileron, and rudder hinges as part of pre-flight. At 500 hours, I had a lower rudder phenolic bearing crack loose from the aircraft. At 1000 hours had QCSM3 loosen up.

Mike Dwyer Seminole FL Q200 N3QP

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