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Q-talk 128 - Milestone

Today was the second anniversary of my first flight. What would she think if I had forgotten our anniversary? Well the weather was the best it has been since last November. No really! I was even warm in the cockpit. Started off with a planned T&G, but had to abort on final as there was a twin piper back taxing right at me. He was talking to the ground radio, and did not hear me announce. No big deal. Went around and did the T&G. Then flew around the area for a while, just because I could.

Back to the pattern for landing. A bit high on final but things came together and I made the best landing I have for a very long time. Good enough. I put her away, swept some of the now melted ice out of the hanger and closed the door. I know this not as exciting as some flight reports, but it was exciting to me to be able to fly. I remember Jerry Marstall telling me to try to get something accomplished on my project every day. Eventually you will be flying.

Keep at it. I can't say it too many times. It's worth it!!!!

Kevin Boddicker Tri Q 200 N7868B 83.8 hours Luana, IA.

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