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Q-talk 124 - Post Accident Update

Last fall we lost Tom Curry in an accident while en route to the Field of Dreams Fly-in held in Emporia KS. I received this email about the investigation and wanted to pass it on here.

I wanted to bring a Quickie Q2 accident to your attention. Last September a TriQ2 (N6628K) crashed near Branson, Missouri. The investigation determined that the right elevator separated in-flight. Examination of the elevator revealed that the torque tube failed at the mid-point and inboard hinges. It also noted that the relief cutouts for the hinges appeared to be oversized to the drawing depiction. The mid-span hinge stud was also fractured and the presence of corrosion was noted on the hinge stud.

The investigation is complete, however, the report is still in the review process. Until then, however, I would suggest that Quickie builders and operators be made aware of this accident. You may want to advise them to insure that the elevator and aileron hinge cutouts are not oversized, and to thoroughly inspect the hinge studs and torque tubes for corrosion at each condition inspection.

The NTSB case number is CHI06LA268 and the report will be available at www.ntsb.gov when released. I will advise you when the report is released. Of course if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Tim Sorensen

Air Safety Investigator

National Transportation Safety Board

(630) 587-8102 -- Primary

(630) 579-4687 -- Secondary

(630) 377-8172 -- Fax


Editor's Note: I have included these NTSB Accident Report files on the new website.  You can access them by using the links below:



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