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Q-talk 123 - Post Iowa City Update

Shortly after our return from Iowa City, we had the following post on the Q-List from Bob Clark:

At 7:30 pm today (May 25, 2007) N817RC became a true airplane! Rotation was at 90 mph and away we went. Climb out was at 120 indicated. It seemed that it took quite a bit of right aileron and a lot of up elevator to keep it straight and climbing. Seems like I have a lot of "tweeking" to do. Only made a circuit around the airport. Great landing, then put it away for the day. Enough adrenaline rush for today! Any input you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Clark Ankeny Iowa Tri Q200

Bob did it right! Prior to coming to Iowa City he had been doing high speed taxi testing. He then came to a fly-in and got a ride with Earnest Martin. Then went home with that flight fresh in his memory and flew his Tri-Q. Congratulations Bob!!!

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