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Q-talk 115 - Now for some motivation

It was a perfect day for flying in Asheville NC, today. Winds calm, air temperature in the 60's, and unlimited visibility. I departed about eleven and headed East to an airport I wanted to check out just northeast of Greensboro NC.

I had 25 gallons of fuel and 180# pilot on take off from our 2300 foot elevation airport. Lifted off in 1500 ft and at 80 MPH. Initial rate of climb settled in around 1400 FPM at 120 kts. I live 3 miles from the airport and looked down at my house on the way up to 5500 feet, which didn't take long in the cool air.

After leveling off and letting everything stabilize at 2500 rpm and 25 inches manifold pressure, I was seeing 145 to 150 kias and 170 kts ground speed. Oil temp was 185 at 40 PSI, CHT 225, and EGT 1350. The air, the engine , and the prop were smooth as glass. My usual complaint of high exhaust noise wasn't even a problem with the vents closed. How sweet it is!

I could see the Greensboro skyline from more than 50 miles out. I did a few touch and goes at my destination and headed back west. There was no real reason for the flight except to be in the air. "Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad". I wish that was my line, but the author is unknown.

I headed back West at 6500 ft, 2500 RPM, and 23.5 inches Manifold pressure. The ground speed settled in at 145 knots for an East/West average of 157 kts at 75% power.

I landed back in Asheville after a circuitous 400 NM and 2.9 hours on the Hobbs. I had burned 18 gallons of fuel for an average 6.2 GPH. That included several climbs and descents and a lot of just plain havin' fun. Days like today more than make up for those frustrating problem solving days and those never ending days of sanding.

Earnest Martin (taken from the Q-List)

Moral of the story: Get 'er done!

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