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Q-talk 109 - Checking In with HQ

I have received numerous notes thanking me for taking over the Newsletter. I finding this inspiring since I have yet to publish my first issue. Here are a few of my favorites.

Hi Doug! It was nice of you to take over as Editor of Q-Talk. I always look forward to receiving it and have used many of the tips and ideas. I have been building my plane for over seven years; about 4500 hours, and hope to have it in the air by my 85th birthday in June. I have run the engine for several hours and it seems to run fine. I hope to taxi test it as soon as the weather clears up. I had a gas leak in the main tank which I spent several months trying to repair. I finally put an 11 inch patch in the belly and its been dry for a couple of weeks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If it's OK, I'll barrow some scales and do my weight & balance and call FAA for my inspection. Hope things are going well for you. Gordon Hanson - Glen Ellyn, IL

Dear Doug, Happy New Year! Welcome to the QBA Editors' Hall of Fame with giants such as Jim Masal and the lesser gods (but still very important gods) a la Tom Moore, and Dave/Susie Richardson. Frankly, all contributing members are important, since they keep this newsletter going. I was hoping to close the book on what I thought was some completed stuff last year and move on to other unfinished projects (such as the Q200) but I am still in the trenches fighting old battles. However, this time I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Dave and Susie Richardson for a great job as editors of the newsletter. It was always a treat to read them. I'll write up something useful when I start building again. Best regards, Igor Mokrys - Calgary Canada

Hello Doug! We are indebted to you for taking over the newsletter. I hope to supply articles as my rebuild progresses. Happy Flying! Jerry Marstall - Asheville NC

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