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Q-talk 109 - Paper or Plastic? New subscription option

Times have changed since the Q birds were first developed. Our current world is all about technology. My first issue is the same format that the newsletter has been since inception. Its time for a technology update. If you wish to receive the newsletter as a PDF file sent to you via an email, you will be able to beginning with the next issue. There are pluses and minus's with technology. On the positive side, you only print

the issues you wish. Everything is in living color and you can keep them on your computer and print the issue you misplaced last month.

One more benefit of this option is it will keep the cost of the newsletter at its current price. Even with the pending increase in postage, Q-Talk will only costs $20.00 to anyone in the world. If you signed up, live outside the US, and choose the PDF email option, you have a refund coming to you. I will send the difference to you via PayPal after we verify you can use the PFD option.

The down side deals mostly as a risk to me, the editor. The newsletter takes effort to publish and is a copyrighted item. In other words, it has value. Sending a copy to anyone in the world, by anyone who has a copy, is as easy as sending an email. SO..., if this happens, I will stop offering it. Now, I realize anyone could make a copy of the paper version and send it to anyone in the world, but there is much more effort to do so. I certainly don't want someone three years for now offering My back issues of Q-Talk on CD. I'll be doing that. Policing this will be difficult, but I have my ways and my watch dogs.

The PDF files can be large, so if you have a dial up connection, I doubt this option will work for you. Don't worry, paper is always an option if you don't want the PDF electronic files. But if you do, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want the PDF file version starting with the next issue, and I'll send issue 109 to you to confirm you have signed up for the service. This service is $20.00 per year to anyone in the world. So, if you live outside of the US, remind me in your email how much I owe you and once verified, your money will be returned to you via the same mode as you paid for this year's subscription (ie: PayPal or check).

Also, keep an eye on that QBA web site. I'm in the process of redesigning it, but I have not set a date for the conversion as I work on it as time allows. I'm shooting for late spring to have it completed.

You can order a printed copy of Q-talk #109 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.