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Q-talk 108 - Cool Tools

While working as my Tri-Q2 building assistant, Susie has learned over the years to look at typical household items in new and creative ways. She has recently purchased three items that I have found helpful.

Tap Lights - These lights were first advertised on TV. They come in various sizes but mine are 5" around, plastic, battery-operated, and dome- shaped that activate when pressed in the center. She purchased six of them for only ten cents a light at a discount store. We have used them in many ways, including the inside of the dark tail cone and in the "Hell hole" under the panel. We have even used multiple lights inside our pop-up camper while at Oshkosh. The wattage is not bright enough for detail work but certainly helps in a tight spot. They are lightweight, very portable and stay cool while in use.

"The 'Ove' Glove"-

This item was designed to be used for cooking but could also be used

for hot objects. The five-fingered knit glove is made of Nomex and Kevlar and can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees. What a handy little tool when handling hot exhaust pipes, heads, baffling or other engine parts! They can be found at various dept. stores for approximately $14.99.

Lambswool Insoles - While working in the hangar during the winter months in Northern Ohio, my feet always get cold, even while wearing multiple socks. To fight this situation, Susie ordered lambswool insoles to be placed inside my shoes to provide a warm layer between my feet and the frigid floor. Though they may be available elsewhere, she ordered them at a cost of $7.98 per pair from a catalog company called Harriet Carter Dept. 34, North Wales, PA 19455 l-(800)377-7878

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