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Q-talk 107 - Tire Tracking

Jerry Marstall Asheville, NC

I have had problems with my Revmaster powered Tri-Q2 pulling hard to the right upon takeoff. I partially corrected the problem by shimming the engine on the right side and shimming the axles to the left.

While stripping down the plane for repainting, I noticed signs in the main gear mounting box that the main gear had traveled forward on the left side and backward on the right side about 1/2". Upon further investigation, I could see that the aluminum tubes that house the main gear mounting bolts had broken bond with the fiberglass webbing that surrounds both the gear bow and the tubes. Naturally, the movement that this allowed changed my main gear alignment, causing it to track more to the right.

The positive outcome of this discovery is that now I can align my track by shimming the main gear in front and behind the gear-mounting web. This is another item to check during the annual!!

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