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Q-talk 107 - The Rub with Brake Lines

While disassembling the cockpit area of my Tri-Q2, I discovered that both of my brake lines, made from the tubing supplied in the kit, had small holes in them. Unfortunately, the lines were not separated. They were crossed beneath the rudder pedals and came in contact with each other. Vibration and brake application made the area where the lines touched a trouble spot. That is where I uncovered the small leaks.

I noticed on my last flight that both brakes felt a little soft but the possibility of both lines developing leaks simultaneously did not occur to me. The aircraft had only 300 hours on it.

Speaking now from experience, this is a good item to check closely while doing annuals and when you are doing a preflight.

I suggest that brake lines should not be allowed to touch one another. Where there is any chance of abrasion, they should be insulated

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