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Q-talk 103 - Slick Stick

While looking at Terry Crouch's engine installation on his award winning Quickie, I noticed something unique and very simple in the way he reworked the dipstick on his Onan engine. He reduced the length of the dipstick tube so he could easily gain access to it through the cooling air inlets of his cowling. To do this, he removed a section of the tube and re-welded it in the final position. He shortened the dipstick accordingly and stamped one dot on the stick showing the full mark only. Teny noted that he was only really interested in the full reading on the stick anyway. He added a small piece of metal on the top of the dipstick cover with a notch in the center. He then added retainer points on the sides of the tube to hold a stiff wire that goes over the top of the dipstick. It just slips into the notch to retain the dipstick

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