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Q-talk 101 - Dirt Cheap Oil/Air Separator

They don't come any cheaper than this. (Or easier to make) Parts list:

1- Rainbird 6" pop-up lawn sprinkler head$6.00
1-2" sheetrock screw
4 - V2" NPT threaded hose fittings2.36
1 - 'A" end cap.35
1 - 1/14 pipe hanger clamp.59
1 - Wad of steel wool.49

(I used original hose. Had hose clamps lying around)

The only decision I had to make was whether I wanted straight hose fittings or 90-degree bend fittings for the installation.

1. Remove the top of the sprinkler head and pull out the innards.

2. Screw a hose fitting

into the sprinkler head cap. (You will attach the breather tube from the crankcase to this fitting)

3. Drill a small pilot hole %" above horizontal outlet on sprinkler head and screw the sheet metal screw all the way in until it comes out the other side.

4. Push the wad of steel wool down into the sprinkler head. The screw will stop the steel wool from going past the horizontal outlet.

5. Screw the cap back on top of the sprinkler head.

6. Screw a hose fitting into the side outlet. (This is the outlet breather tube attachment)

7. Screw a hose fitting into the bottom outlet. (This is the reservoir drain outlet)

8. Add a piece of hose as long as you want to bottom outlet for draining purposes

9. Press hose fitting into drain outlet hose

10. Screw end cap to fitting.

11. Place pipe hangar clamp below side outlet and mount to firewall.

The operating theory is very basic. The air and oil are vented out of the crankcase and into the top of the sprinkler head. The steel wool separates the oil from the air and lets the air pass out the side vent. The oil drips from the steel wool into the reservoir below to be drained out at a later time.

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