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Q-talk 101 - Cool Tools - All Q's

Super Shears

Jerry Marstall Asheville, NC

I wish I had this tool when I was still building my Tri-Q 2 and cutting a lot of fiberglass cloth.

1 found these electric scissors, made by Singer, on a cable-TV ad for $19.95. To my surprise, they are fantastic. They operate on an AC converter or internal batteries.

They cut through BID and UNI like a hot knife through butter. They also cut through plastic sheeting and cardboard with the same ease.

Beats the heck out of those manual shears (which don't work worth a toot for lefties).

(Ed Note: Great suggestion, Jerry. After some searching, 1 found that you can pick up not one but TWO of these babies through the Heartland America Catalog for the price above, (part no. YC-58806) You will only pay a $2.99 processing fee and no shipping charges through the end of2003! Their phone number is 1-800-229-2901 and their web site is:

http://www.heartlandamerica.com The second one might make a nice Christmas gift.)


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