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Q-talk 99 - Simple Tool?Big Help

Have you ever tried to flip your Q2xx over with the wing and canard attached? What a bear, right? Three or four guys grunting and straining as you awkwardly rotate your plane. Not a pretty sight!

1 happened to see a neat solution to the problem on a K.R-2 being built by Mike Mimms. Mike attached two moon-shaped pieces of plywood to the engine mounts and positioned them in a way to help with the rolling over process. He also attached wheels to the top portion so that it would be easy to roll the plane around while inverted. It only takes two guys to roll the plane over using this device on my Tri-Q2!

The picture and drawing tell the story but you should know that I cut out one of the half moon shapes and then laid it on the plywood as a template for the second one. I made sure the upper portion of the moon shape was taller than the seatback bulkhead and that the lower portion extended below the canard. This has worked well for me. I did not really design the half-moon shape very scientifically. If you spent a little time, you could design something that would aid in the process even more. You may want to make the moon shapes even longer below the firewall for the tail dragger version so you do not bump the wheel pants. I used old bed rails for the angle iron that connects between the inside surfaces of

the plywood and the I motor mounts. I also used All-Thread with nuts on either side of the plywood to keep the two sides from twisting right or left. For the axel, 1 used a good stout steel rod and some old lawn-mower wheels. All-Thread did not work well here.

Good luck in building your device.

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