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Q-talk 99 - Bud Starmes Update

It has been two months since the tragic accident and it is still not clear what chain of events led to Bud's death on the initial flight in his Q200. It is very likely we will never really know for sure what happened. Here is a brief synopsis of the accident pieced together from witnesses and evidence. He took off in what appeared to be a normal rotation. At about 30-40 feet, or treetop level, he porpoised up and started a nose-down decent. He then apparently rotated the nose up and struck the runway with the tailwheel first. The mains landed soon after and the tail pitched up enough to remove at least one third of the prop. Bud took off again but the shortened prop and now over-revving engine meant he did not have enough thrust to go around. The plane apparently mushed in with the right main in the grass and skidded to the left side of the runway. The canard dug into the ground and the plane flipped, a fire started and it slid on its top until the plane stopped and then burst into flames. The most curious aspect to this crash was the fire. It is our understanding that the FAA does not have a reason for the flames. One fact we do know is that we all lost a wonderful friend and he is missed.

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