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Q-talk 99 - Livermore Fly-In August 15th?17th

Livermore, CA Fly-In August 15th?17th

Bob Farnum & Jim Patillo

The Livermore Fly-in will be taking place in a little over a month. Mark August 15-17th on your calendars! New information about the event can be found on the website at: http://www.farnamengineering.com/Livermor eTandemWingFlyin.html

Take a look for the essential info about the airport, the hotels, the fly-in itself and other things to do in the San Francisco area. Pat Panzera will be demonstrating a running Corvair engine and his wife, Veronica, will be organizing a spouse and friends trip to SF via BART on Saturday for those interested. If everyone who has indicated that they will try to come makes it, we may have as many as 14 Q's and D-Flys, plus lots of others who are building or want to build. Livermore Airport now has 5 Q's equipped with the six-pack system for braking and steering. This is the place to see fine examples of these flying machines.

We look forward to seeing you.

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