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Q-talk 94 - 12th Annual Field of Dreams Tandem Wing Fly-in

Coffey County Airport - Burlington, KS - September 27th - 29th, 2002

Everybody Needs a Coffey Break!

Spud Spornitz Olathe, KS

We are expecting several people to be camping this year. The airport has an area protected by the hangers for campsites. Quite a few people are arriving on Thursday afternoon. We plan to have an informal BBQ at the airport that evening. We have added some hands-on workshops to Friday's schedule. There will be Gas, MIG (wire feed) and TIG (Heliarc) equipment available. There will be welding classes for interested builders, particularly in TIG and gas. At least two engine mounts are going to be constructed, one Lycoming and one Corvair, as well as a 15 gallon 5052 aluminum fuel tank for a Dragonfly. There is also going to be an X-plane computer simulation introduction (version 6.25) on at least three computers. See the registration form on page 11 for more information. See you all there!

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